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Since the discovery of the first liquid crystal in 1888, research on the liquid crystalline state of order has developed into an interdisciplinary subject in itself, combining the research areas of the chemical-, physical-, biological- and applications sciences. The DFKG wants to serve as a forum for the widespread scientific exchange of the results of liquid crystal research and promote co-operation between scientists involved in research and development.

Quelle: Pelzl etal., J Mater Chem 2008, 18, 3017-3031


Membership fee (per annum), as from 2011:
Student member: free
Ordinary member + DBG member: 25,- €
Ordinary member: 40,- €
Institutional member: 150,- €

Conference fees of the annual "Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle" are reduced for members of the DFKG.

Institutions interested in liquid crystal research are invited to become supporting members of the DFKG.

Membership can be applied for at the office of the Bunsen Society with the mentioned forms below. For your application use Bunsen-Gesellschaft and DFKG or only DFKG. Your signed application has to be sent by mail to the office of the Bunsen Society. Please appreciate that an online application is not possible. Your original signature is important. The membership in the DFKG is independent of a membership in the Bunsen Society, which, at the same time, is not a requirement for joining the DFKG.

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