Welcome to the German Liquid Crystal Society (GLCS)

German Liquid Crystal Society (GLCS) was founded in 1996 and it unites interdisciplinary researchers working in various areas of physics and chemistry of liquid crystals and their application in modern technology. GLCS is a member of the Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry and serves as a forum for the widespread scientific exchange of the results of liquid crystal research and to promote co-operation between scientists involved in research and development.


Young Researcher Award was given to Bingru Zhang (University of Paderborn), Lisa Gerbig (University of Würzburg) and Sebastian Marino (University of Stuttgart)

Professor Pawel Peiranski (Université Paris-Sud) received Alfred Saupe Medal.

Upcoming Events:
Kolloid Tagung "Complex Fluids" / 49th Conference of the German Colloid Society in Stuttgart, 23.9.2019 - 25.9.2019
Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Conference in Boulder (USA), 04.8.2019 - 07.8.2019
European Liquid Crystal Conference, 30.06.2019 - 05.07.2019, Wrotclaw, Poland (http://eclc2019.pl)

New website is launched

March 27 - 29: 46th German Liquid Crystal Conference 2019 will take place in Paderborn. Abstract submission deadline is 14 December 2018!
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